Types Of Keto Diet


There are several variations of Ketogenic diet and they are used for different purposes but they all work on the principle of placing the body into ketosis and they will all result in fat loss to some extent.


The 3 Main Variations Of Keto Diet


The Standard Ketogenic Diet

This diet is very low carbohydrate and high fat with a moderate protein content. This is the diet to choose if you are not very active but want to lose weight/fat fast. The main sources of carbohydrates in this diet are nuts, high fat dairy, low carb veggies and seeds. Avoid starchy foods, sugars and fruit.

This diet is very low in carbohydrates, about 30g or less. This promotes ketosis and keeps the body in that state. 

The diet is suitable for all purposes but it is considered the best choice for weight loss.


The Cyclical Keto Diet

This diet is generally used by athletes or fitness enthusiasts who are involved in intense exercise, bodybuilders is one example. These people need more carbs when they are training, to achieve their best performance. The diet cycles through low and high carb consumption and it achieves both ketosis and the replenishment of glycogen, due to the high carb cycle days, generally, 1-2 carbohydrate replenishing days per week.


The Targeted Ketogenic Diet

This diet should be used by people who are starting a high intensity exercise program but don’t want to load carbs in the intense form of the Cyclical Keto Diet. It allows the individual to keep up with high intensity exercise but allows the body to stay in ketosis for longer.

Carbohydrates are only consumed between 30-60 minutes before the exercise session. Apart from this, the diet is the same as the Standard Keto Diet.


The standard Keto diet is the choice for weight loss programs unless high intensity exercise is also involved in your weight loss program.



Ketosis is a metabolic state that the body enters when starved of carbohydrates. The body will use carbs first for energy, but in a state of ketosis, the body has to use fat for energy. The body enters ketosis when the supply of glucose in the blood is restricted.




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