An Autumn Resolution?

woman in teal knit sweater under maple treeAutumn, or Fall if you prefer, is arriving and it will soon be winter for many long months. We all know that the heavier clothing that you have to wear in autumn and winter is a blessed relief for us who need to lose weight or who are otherwise unhappy with their body image. 

Autumn and winter are the perfect time to begin addressing these issues because:-

  • Your body is more concealed, so you don’t get a daily reminder of your perceived imperfections.


  • The cooler weather allows you to do more exercise more safely (no heatstroke etc).


  • You don’t have to look at all those scantily clad skinny bodies in public, making you doubt yourself.


  • You have from September to April-May time to really get serious about your weight loss or toned body goal, about 8 months.

  • You will have more time to read and research strategies to achieve your goal.


Many people find themselves thinking more about losing weight in the summertime because they wear less bulky clothing and are out in public more, giving them more exposure than they may like. People who begin a diet or training program in these months will probably not see the results on the summer that they begin and may lose motivation. If you started and failed this summer, make it your goal to  lose that weight and tone your body during the long cooler, darker, less active months between now and next spring/summer. You may feel less inclined to do anything, but just think about next summer, when you can reveal the new slim and fit “you” to the world.

Start now, with the goal of looking and feeling wonderful next summer, you have PLENTY of time.

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