Keto In The Military

It seems that someone had a great idea, put Special Forces soldiers on a strict Keto diet.

While this is believed to have some benefit, how exactly are they going to enforce the diet? especially for personnel who don’t live on base. Banning beer would not go down well in the British military and I doubt that the US military would be fond of it either.  There is no way to enforce this on people who don’t want to do it and there is also the individual factor….what works for some, may not work for others. The food issued in the field is usually high carb and very filling for a reason and that is where Special Forces soldiers spend a lot of time so the planners would have to create a whole new field ration pack that conforms to the Keto diet. I don’t think that this will work at all, although I think that a keto diet is ok for a period of time for people who choose to follow it for whatever reason, weight loss etc.

If the DoD is concerned about weight gain generally, the best idea would be to enforce a diet on the overweight. The Special Forces are highly motivated people who keep themselves in excellent condition already, I don’t believe that they will appreciate this idea.

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