The “Stop Weight Loss Resistance” Program

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An Evaluation

The theme of the Stop Weight Loss Resistance program is that most people fail with weight loss because they have bodies that are resistant to weight/fat loss for various reasons. These reasons are explained, and sensible solutions are offered. Stop Weight Loss Resistance offers a long-term healthy approach to losing weight which may not be instantaneous, but when a  person has reached their weight goal, they will be able to stay at their ideal weight, becoming fitter and healthier at the same time. The plan is offers a healthy lifestyle plan that results in weight loss, among other benefits.


Stop Weight Loss Resistance advocates the combination of eating the right food, mind training techniques and the correct exercises that can result in weight loss, toning of the body, more energy and a sharper, more effective way of thinking.


Stop Weight Loss Resistance suggests that the mental approach and subconscious should be tackled first. The program suggests that a large component of successful weight loss is in the mind and if you don’t pay attention to this component, your chances of success are greatly reduced. This idea is similar to the Eastern Martial Arts where many students are taught the mechanics of a Martial Art, but are not introduced to the mental approach that should accompany the physical components, and they lose a vital element of the art due to this.


Stop Weight Loss Resistance advocates that in order to lose weight, you must restore your overall health to its optimum level. The thinking behind this is that when you are as healthy as you can be, your own body will be better able to assist you in your aim to lose weight.


The Weight Loss Motivation Bible is a great addition to success in your weight loss efforts.

welght motivbible


The creator of the program believes that the process of the body gaining unwanted weight (fat), is more influenced by the body’s hormonal actions rather than solely caused by consuming excess calories and that just calorie counting alone will not allow you to lose weight and stay slim in the long-term, as the wrong messages are sent to the body by cutting calories severely, messages such as famine or lack of  available food. The body then begins to act in a manner that conserves energy (fat), which is counter productive to the goal of losing weight.


The program covers the build up of toxins in the body, where they come from and how to purge the body. Toxin levels affect the body and make it harder for us to lose weight and stay healthy. The information in the program gives reasons why toxins effect weight and offers solutions to this problem.


The program covers food in detail and gives the individual a very good explanation of why excess weight is not necessarily caused by eating too much, but is caused by eating too much of the wrong thing. Portion size control is still a factor however.


The program includes a guide on the best exercises for weight loss and how to implement simple, effective and fast exercise programs.


Stop Weight Loss Resistance comes with the following:-


  • The stop weight loss resistance e-book
  • 5 audio recordings mp3 brain entrainment



  • 21 days to eating healthy e-book
  • 6 volume fitness training package


I have examined all of the components of the program and I think that it is a very well balanced program with just enough scientific information to keep me interested, a lot of very interesting information about food, shopping for food and loads of practical guidance on how to implement the plan. I particularly like the idea of the gradual implementation of the components, but it is the user’s choice,  whether to go “full on” straight away, or to implement the plan in a more gradual way.


I found Stop Weight Loss Resistance to be very much in-tune with my own ideas for weight loss and I think that if a person implements the components of the plan in a serious way, results will follow. I liked the plan so much that I bought it for my friend. At this time, she is not very interested in allowing me to publish her progress, but I will keep records of her journey with Stop Weight Loss Resistance , in the hope that she will soon allow me to post her success story.


To learn more about the author and the details of Stop Weight Loss Resistance  CLICK HERE

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