Affirmations For Weight Loss

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Affirmations could be explained as self administered reprogramming of your habitual thought patterns and negative tendencies. The mind has multiple thought patterns that play over and over again in a person’s mind and the mind tends to adopt a set reaction to circumstances that a person is faced with in life due to this subconscious thought repetition throughout a person’s life.


Looking at affirmations from a weight loss point of view, we can imagine that a person can sabotage their physical efforts to lose weight by negative thinking and negative expectations. This is especially true for someone who has attempted to lose weight unsuccessfully, several times before. You already know how this feels, you begin the weight loss program EXPECTING to fail. You start you program in a half-hearted manner, you feel sorry for yourself and feel deprived of food and comfort when the diet gets tough. You tell yourself that although you are going to try the diet, it will not do any good. You think of yourself as a “fat” person and you are resigned to this fate for the rest of your life.


It is not all your fault though, this is your subconscious programming taking charge of your life. The programming is probably not of your doing. For example, on movies and TV, especially in advertising, most of what people see is slim, attractive people living a wonderful life. This is designed to make people feel inadequate, specifically to sell a product. The suggestion is that if you buy “this” or “that”, You will feel fulfilled and whole again. There are also influences from other people which are internalized over the years to such an extent that the individual believes that the negative  subconscious messages are actually the his/her own thoughts.


The vast majority of us living today have lived our whole lives being subjected to such ideas and until you know how counterproductive some of those influences can be on us, you will not be able to stop them influencing your subconscious.


As you can imagine, the negative influences guiding our minds via the subconscious are not helpful, and when applied to a weight loss program, will make failure certain. The subconscious needs to be re-programmed for success. The affirmation is a technique that is able to do this as it is believed to talk directly to the subconscious mind. Affirmations can achieve this because they are delivered in a concentrated form and can therefore quickly override years of negativity. The basic idea is the same as the unproductive programming, repetition. The difference is that you repeat the phrases that will allow you to succeed, rather than buy a product, feel bad about others comments, feel inadequate when looking at the “beautiful people”, as they like to call themselves etc.


Audio affirmations, can assist in a creating a positive thought process aimed specifically at weight loss. You can either make your own or buy preset affirmations. The affirmations could suggest that you are not hungry, that you don’t eat large food portions, that you love to work out every day, that you already weigh your target weight ( law of attraction) and on and on, any positive phrase that is helpful.


Take charge of your thoughts, because if you don’t, you let everyone else take charge of them for you.


Be successful in you endeavors to reach your target weight. I know that you can do it, and it won’t be nearly as painful as you think now, if you utilize the power of your own mind.


Some people think that affirmations are nonsense. If that were true, commercial operations would not utilize the technique to sell their products, just think of the number of times that you see the same advertisement on TV and think of the times that you have found yourself buying that product without even thinking about it.

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